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Self Report for Initiatives in 2018

The updates on initiatives shown below allow members or signatories to WHS initiatives to report on actions taken in support of the respective initiative. They are not intended to replace reporting processes undertaken by initiative secretariats.

  • The Peace Promise

    What concrete actions have you taken in support of the initiative.

    CDA remains committed to supporting the realization of the Peace Promise, a set of five commitments to develop more effective synergies among peace, humanitarian and development actions in complex humanitarian situations in order to end human suffering by addressing the drivers of conflict. This year, CDA developed a Framework to help peace, humanitarian and development practitioners understand cumulative impacts of peacebuilding; released a guide on designing, monitoring and evaluating inter-religious peacebuilding programs; conducted research to better understand how to advance the effectiveness of different approaches to preventing violent extremism; produced a methodology for criminal justice reform practitioners to help them analyze corruption dynamics and how these interact with conflict; and led several conflict systems analyses with private organizations and public sector partners to identify key drivers of conflict and design effective programs for addressing them, among other activities.