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Self Report for Initiatives in 2018

The updates on initiatives shown below allow members or signatories to WHS initiatives to report on actions taken in support of the respective initiative. They are not intended to replace reporting processes undertaken by initiative secretariats.

  • Charter for Faith-based Humanitarian Action

    What concrete actions have you taken in support of the initiative.

    The Sovereign Order of Malta participated through its relief organization, Malteser International, to a working group “Responsibility of Religions for Peace” set up by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to start a process around Faith, Peace and Humanitarian Issues with Partners in Difficult Situations. Moreover the Sovereign Order of Malta is still working on the project of a Compact on shared religious values based on International Humanitarian Law (IHL), as a follow-up of the Symposium "Religions together for humanitarian action", organized by the Order of Malta at the United Nations in Geneva.