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Self Report 2017

The self-report on WHS Commitments below is organized according to the 24 transformations of the Agenda for Humanity. It is based on commitments pledged at the time of report submission. Click on the 'Expand' symbol to expand each section and read the reporting inputs by transformation.

Anticipate, do not wait, for crises

Joint Commitment

Individual Commitment

  • What led your organization to make the commitment?

    Corporate citizenship at Deutsche Post DHL Group is about giving back to the communities in which we live, work and conduct business. This is an integral part of our corporate responsibility strategy. As the world’s leading transport and logistics company, we want to leverage our core competencies and the know-how of our employees in a way that makes a positive contribution to society and the environment.

  • Achievements at a glance

    GARD (Get Airports Ready for Disaster) workshops have been conducted at 38 airports in disaster-prone regions in Armenia, Bangladesh, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritius, Macedonia, Nepal, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, the Seychelles, Sri Lanka and Turkey. Five of these workshops took place in 2016: in India, Indonesia, Jordan, Mauritius and the Seychelles. In all, more than 800 participants received training in disaster management. Since the launch of the partnership with UNOCHA, DRTs (Disaster Response Teams) have been deployed over 40 times around the world – most recently to Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew in October, after the severe earthquake in Ecuador in April and after Cyclone Winston struck Fiji in February 2016. We provide regular follow-up training to make sure our DRT volunteers are prepared for the extraordinary demands of such deployments. In 2016 over 100 employees took part in these training events.

  • How is your organization assessing progress

    Our corporate citizenship activities are systematically captured and measured according to the globally recognized LBG model.

  • Challenges faced in implementation

    Coordination between various actors can be challenging and complex. This is why we have been partnering with the United Nations (OCHA and UNDP) to be integrated into the humanitarian system.

  • Next step to advance implementation in 2017

    In 2016 the United Nations requested that we take on an additional role in the area of disaster relief. DHL volunteers will provide support to the UN’s Reception and Departure Desk which manages incoming relief workers at airports. The job of our volunteers will be to supply incoming relief workers with the information they need most so that they can exit the terminal and reach their deployment sites as quickly as possible. We have developed a training concept for this new role and have already used it to train the first group of 50 DHL employees in Asia.

  • If you had one message for the annual report on what is most needed to advance the transformation 'Anticipate, do not wait, for crises', what would it be

    Trusted and long-standing partnerships between actors are key.

  • Cross cutting issues

    Disaster Risk Reduction Humanitarian principles Private sector

  • Specific initiatives

    Global Partnership for Preparedness The Connecting Business Initiative