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Self Report 2017

The self-report on WHS Commitments below is organized according to the 24 transformations of the Agenda for Humanity. It is based on commitments pledged at the time of report submission. Click on the 'Expand' symbol to expand each section and read the reporting inputs by transformation.

Enable adolescents and young people to be agents of positive transformation

Individual Commitment

  • What led your organization to make the commitment?

    With increasing exposure and vulnerability to disaster risks, future generations will live with growing climate-related threats and more recurrent and intense shocks. The Asia-Pacific region is the most disaster-prone area of the world and among it, the ASEAN countries are the most seriously affected. Young people continue to be at the forefront of these disasters. These hazards will continue to occur, and strengthened networks for disaster management are necessary, at the same time, more disasters can be prevented if we share responsibilities for disaster risk reduction.

  • Achievements at a glance

    Given these existing collective capabilities, the ASEAN Youth Network for DRR (AYN-DRR) was launched between the ASEAN Humanitarian Assistance Centre and the Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation last December 2016. AYN-DRR is now an existing platform that seeks to continue harnessing the strengths of young ASEAN researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors, educators, policy advocates and other professionals towards natural and man-made disaster risk reduction. Since the WHS, humanitarian agencies and youth councils in the region have been supporting each other through information integration on disaster alerts and volunteer opportunities. In May 2016, CAYC sent its first youth volunteers to AHA's Emergency Response and Assessment (ERAT) team in the Philippines in 2016, and will continue to do so annually. In August 2016, CAYC also organized the first ASEAN-themed peace building program for Rohingya refugees in Malaysia.

  • How is your organization assessing progress

    ASEAN Youth Network for DRR (AYN-DRR) is hosted by the the ASEAN Humanitarian Assistance Centre (AHA) in Jakarta, Indonesia which ensures coherence and direct alignment with AADMER through a dedicated youth focal point. Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation (CAYC) volunteers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Manila, Philippines also utilize existing communication protocols for long-term collaboration among national youth councils from respective ASEAN countries.

  • Challenges faced in implementation

    Over the past 5 decades, the Rohingya have suffered persecution and violence as an ethnic minority in Myanmar. Institutional and financial support for refugee programs are very sensitive in the region, and the engagement of regional humanitarian actors in man-made disasters still has not been a priority for ASEAN. One entry point is youth capacity building through workshops related to migration and peace building. This echoes the constant call for multi-stakeholder partnerships with youth and educational institutions.

  • Next step to advance implementation in 2017

    ● ASEAN Workshop on Disaster Monitoring through Social Media - CAYC through the national youth councils, student councils and other youth organizations to contribute real time updates to AHA Centre’s ADInet (ASEAN Disaster Information network), with geo-marking of the affected areas, evacuation centres and other critical infrastructures/places.
    ● Tool box and other guidelines - a Regional Tool Kit for Young Humanitarians which would contain basic humanitarian principles, where-to’s and how-to’s before, during, and afternatural and man-made disasters, etc. This should be translated into all national languages and as many local dialects as possible.

  • If you had one message for the annual report on what is most needed to advance the transformation 'Enable adolescents and young people to be agents of positive transformation', what would it be

    Southeast Asia saw the awaited partnership between the regional coordinating bodies for national disaster agencies and national youth councils - ASEAN Humanitarian Assistance Centre and Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation. Through the ASEAN Youth Network for DRR, ASEAN youth are now involved in regional disaster monitoring, education & deployment.

  • Cross cutting issues

    Disaster Risk Reduction IDPs People-centred approach

  • Specific initiatives

    The Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action

  • Other related Agenda for Humanity transformations

    4A - Reinforce, do not replace, national and local systems 4B - Anticipate, do not wait, for crises


  • WHS Commitments Attachments
    Transformation - 3F, 4B | Disaster Risk Reduction, People-centred approach | The Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action