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Self Report 2017

The self-report on WHS Commitments below is organized according to the 24 transformations of the Agenda for Humanity. It is based on commitments pledged at the time of report submission. Click on the 'Expand' symbol to expand each section and read the reporting inputs by transformation.

Reinforce, do not replace, national and local systems

Individual Commitment

Core Commitment

  • What led your organization to make the commitment?

    Understanding that humanitarian actors are looking to shift to cash and digital payments, and that many organisations are not aware of the cost-effective methods and different options or solutions available to them. We recognise that private sector payments systems providers can make a huge impact on the challenge of shifting to cash and payments, in addition to the sector needing innovation and an ability to adapt to new technologies.

  • Achievements at a glance

    Successfully operating a cash transfer programme in partnership with the UK and Kenyan governments in rural Kenya; and assisting NGOs in east and west Africa in delivering cash transfer and e-voucher programmes that have been operating in quarter 1 of 2017.

  • How is your organization assessing progress

    We’re assessing progress through conducting end-line surveys, analysis and reporting, to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme in Kenya, and are performing detailed analysis and reporting on the efficiency of other programmes too.

  • Challenges faced in implementation

    Lack of understanding in the necessity for secure, regulated payment systems; and a lack of preparedness planning for the crisis situations affecting areas in east Africa and the Middle East.

  • Next step to advance implementation in 2017

    In 2017, we will continue to work with The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) and other organisations to promote the effectiveness of digital payment systems and cash transfer programming, by providing industry based technological advice. We will also continue to work collaboratively with humanitarian actors, as private sector payments specialists, to help them leverage technology that is robust, proven and available.

  • If you had one message for the annual report on what is most needed to advance the transformation 'Reinforce, do not replace, national and local systems', what would it be

    The humanitarian sector needs technology expertise and an increased level of understanding of digital payment systems. This can only be fully achieved with the involvement of private sector players who develop, manage and own such technologies.

  • Cross cutting issues

    Cash Private sector

  • Other related Agenda for Humanity transformations

    5E - Diversify the resource base and increase cost-efficiency