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Self Report for Initiatives in 2018

The updates on initiatives shown below allow members or signatories to WHS initiatives to report on actions taken in support of the respective initiative. They are not intended to replace reporting processes undertaken by initiative secretariats.

  • NEAR - Network for Empowered Aid Response

    What concrete actions have you taken in support of the initiative.

    In addition to specific actions in relation to Humentum UK (formally Mango) commitments, Humentum UK went through a much larger strategic transformation in 2017.  Mango merged with InsideNGO and LINGOs to form Humentum UK.  The merger was pursued for strategic rather than financial reasons, which is rare in the not-for-profit sector.  The strategic reasons were directly relevant to the WHS Commitments on localisation which were articulated by NEAR.  Humentum's future strategy aims to massively accelerate our reach to national and local organisations so that they can continuously improve their core capabilities in compliance, financial management, program management and people development.  Humentum UK also plan to adapt our learning and other services more to the humanitarian context.  Finally, Humentum UK are transforming and localising its own organisation and supporting the development of networks of local providers that can better support national and local organisations from the communities that have been affected by humanitarian crises.