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Self Report for Initiatives in 2018

The updates on initiatives shown below allow members or signatories to WHS initiatives to report on actions taken in support of the respective initiative. They are not intended to replace reporting processes undertaken by initiative secretariats.

  • Grand Bargain

    ICVA Self-report on Grand Bargain Commitments 2018

  • New Way of Working

    What concrete actions have you taken in support of the initiative.

    ICVA helped to un-pack the New Way of Working (NWoW) so that NGO’s would be able to better understand discussions at policy level and how they can engage in these discussions. In this regard, ICVA has taken the following actions:

    1. Written a briefing paper "The New Way of Working Examined: An ICVA Briefing Paper" -
    2. Conducted a webinar on "The New Way of Working: What is it? What does it mean for NGOs?" as part of its "Demystifying Humanitarian Coordination" series -
    3. Included the topic "Navigating the Nexus: What does it mean for NGOs" as the theme for the Annual Conference in March 2018 and will continue to discuss the nexus, including concerns, challenges, lessons learned and best practice/processes in the "Demystifying the Nexus" learning stream.