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This site is inactive as of February 2020. For updated information on an initiative's work, please refer to their own website as listed in their contact details.


Risks are increasingly complex and interrelated. Failure to understand these linkages can deepen and widen humanitarian crises as well as ensure that development remains unsustainable. Addressing the underlying risks that drive humanitarian need and threatened development requires collective understanding and analysis and translation into action by all actors. The World Humanitarian Summit generated commitments to establish a Global Risk Platform. The platform will map and link various approaches to assessment, monitoring and management of development risk. It will link risk, vulnerability and capacity expertise into one global community of practice for all stakeholders from all relevant disciplines in order to inform and influence decisions, from humanitarian action, to risk reduction and through to the long-term goal of fully risk-informed development.

The Risk and Vulnerability Data Platform is a UNDP initiative to map and unite the existing risk, vulnerability and threat analysis initiatives into one global community of practice. The platform will aim to promote collaboration, transparency and accountability by developing common policies and standards and by enabling open-source data and helping to establish context-specific thresholds.