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This site is inactive as of February 2020. For updated information on an initiative's work, please refer to their own website as listed in their contact details.


Disaster displacement is one of the biggest humanitarian challenges of the 21st century. Every year, millions of people are forced to leave their homes because of floods, tropical storms, droughts, glacier melting, earthquakes and other natural hazards. Many find refuge within their own country, but some have to move abroad. Scientists warn that climate change is projected to increase displacement in the future, both internally and across borders. These large-scale displacements have devastating effects on people and communities. They create complex humanitarian and development challenges that call for urgent partnerships and action beyond traditional silos.

The Platform on Disaster Displacement is a state-led initiative working towards better protection for people displaced across borders in the context of disasters and climate change. The Platform works by promoting measures to help people stay in their homes, help people move out of harm’s way and to better protect those forced to leave their homes. This is done through enhanced cooperation, coordination and action and by promoting concerted efforts at the national, regional and international levels and among stakeholders dealing with broad range of policy and action areas including humanitarian assistance and protection, human rights, migration management, refugee protection, disaster risk reduction, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and development.