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Self Report 2017

The self-report on WHS Commitments below is organized according to the 24 transformations of the Agenda for Humanity. It is based on commitments pledged at the time of report submission. Click on the 'Expand' symbol to expand each section and read the reporting inputs by transformation.

Reinforce, do not replace, national and local systems

Joint Commitment

Individual Commitment

Core Commitment

  • What led your organization to make the commitment?

    The majority of Catholic Relief Services commitments are designed to have an impact at the "practice" and "behavior change" levels. However, we also expect our work at the practice level to inform policy - especially policies related to accountability, protection and cash. The main areas of focus based on the commitments above, as well as the Grand Bargain work streams include localization, cash coordination and scale-up, and accountability to affected populations (i.e. participation revolution).

  • Achievements at a glance

    Catholic Relief Services achievements:

    *Externally facing Institute for Partnership and Capacity Strengthening (
    * 2016 (FY): 1,962 local partners, USD 295 million in sub grants to local partners, USD 26 million in capacity strengthening.

    Cash Coordination and Cash at Scale:
    * Co-Champion of NGO Cash Platform and member of CaLP TWG
    * Internal Cash Working Group
    * Investment in building staff and partner cash readiness
    * Framework agreement signed to develop Cash Asset Transfer system that will provide information on our C&V programming globally
    * Over 31 million in cash/voucher programming in 2016 in 45 countries

    * Collaboration with other Caritas International members to build capacity in protection mainstreaming of CRS and Partners (in line with GPC definition of PM, IASC protection policy, and CHS)
    * MEAL Policy that requires beneficiary feedback mechanisms
    * Investment in coordination leadership with a focus on coordination systems relevant to context and that promote local leadership

  • How is your organization assessing progress

    Catholic Relief Services assess progress by
    * Measuring global value/scale of CTP through CAT system.
    * Data from use of Institute for capacity strengthening.
    * Study outcomes - impact of capacity strengthening and CTP efficiency/effectiveness.

  • Challenges faced in implementation

    * Resources needed beyond Catholic Relief Services' private resources.
    * MEAL for capacity strengthening - ability to measure impact on program quality of partner programs.
    * Segregating data by type of local partner (for localization), type of asset transfer (for cash programming) under current systems.
    * Ability to influence "standard" humanitarian infrastructure for coordination.

  • Next step to advance implementation in 2017

    Catholic Relief Services will continue with efforts outlined above.

  • If you had one message for the annual report on what is most needed to advance the transformation 'Reinforce, do not replace, national and local systems', what would it be

    There needs to be a greater investment in/measurement of impact on programmatic outcomes of building quality partnerships between local and international organizations that benefit from respective capacities.

  • Cross cutting issues

    Accountability to affected people Cash

  • Other related Agenda for Humanity transformations

    5A - Invest in local capacities