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Self Report 2017

The self-report on WHS Commitments below is organized according to the 24 transformations of the Agenda for Humanity. It is based on commitments pledged at the time of report submission. Click on the 'Expand' symbol to expand each section and read the reporting inputs by transformation.

Reinforce, do not replace, national and local systems

Individual Commitment

  • What led your organization to make the commitment?

    National public policy processes should be inclusive and must be a 'whole of nation' approach. KANGO wishes to improve this through the Kiribati State-NSAs Engagement Process (KSNEP) which basically establishes a common approach to providing information to affected people and collecting, aggregating and analysing feedback from communities to influence decision-making processes at strategic and operational levels. KANGO wants to change the status quo to include CSOs and Private Sector (Non-State Actors - NSA) to engage and participate in the national (including regional and global) public processes; this achieves the 'whole-of-nation' approach.

  • Achievements at a glance

    1. KANGO had disseminated and invited relevant key NSA stakeholders to support the KSNEP. The stakeholders are now aware of the KSNEP.
    2. KANGO Board had briefed the President of Kiribati, HE President Taneti Maamau, on the KSNEP during a courtesy visit to the president on 24 November 2016.
    3. KANGO submitted its proposal to the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) NSA Grant to support the implementation of the KSNEP. We received a positive response in the first (proposal document) screening process; the assessors will be visiting Tarawa this or next month for the second screening process.

  • How is your organization assessing progress

    KANGO is progressing well with its commitments. This is because all relevant NSA stakeholders are aware of the KSNEP; the president of Kiribati is also aware of it; and there is a potential opportunity for the KSNEP to be fully implemented if the PIFS's NSA Grant approves our proposal.

  • Challenges faced in implementation

    KANGO's greatest fear is the 'non-supportive attitude' from key NSA stakeholders. This will hugely and adversely affect the full implementation of the KSNEP.

  • Next step to advance implementation in 2017

    1. To follow up on the dissemination/circulation of the KSNEP to key NSA stakeholders for their comments/inputs, and more importantly their support.
    2. To fully implement (monitor, evaluate) and report on the KSNEP if and once the PIFS NSA Grant agrees to fund the KSNEP project.

  • If you had one message for the annual report on what is most needed to advance the transformation 'Reinforce, do not replace, national and local systems', what would it be

    Be culturally and contextually appropriate with your approaches!

  • Cross cutting issues

    Innovation People-centred approach

  • Specific initiatives

    The Global Alliance for Humanitarian Innovation The Inclusion Charter

  • Other related Agenda for Humanity transformations

    5A - Invest in local capacities


  • WHS Commitments Attachments
    Transformation - 4A