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Read the analytical papers on PACT self-reporting

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In just over a year since the World Humanitarian Summit, a great deal of progress has been made. Many of the commitments made to advance the Agenda for Humanity are already being turned into action by stakeholders who are delivering change on the ground. 

At the time of writing,138 stakeholders submitted voluntary self-reports covering over 60% of the commitments. In keeping with the multi-stakeholder spirit of the Summit, in February OCHA put out a call for expressions of intrest for partners to contribute analysis around key transformations, initiatives and cross cutting issues. The resulting analytical papers will provide vital inputs to the first annual synthesis report on the World Humanitarian Summit follow-up, to be released in autumn this year.

The first analytical papers on progress towards the Agenda for Humanity are now online here. Please check back, as more papers will be added soon.


(Photo: Depicting hope, in Zaatari refugee camp. Credit:Giles Clarke/Getty Images Reportage)