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Anti-terrorism laws have ‘chilling effect’ on vital aid deliveries to Somalia

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The Agenda for Humanity emphasizes the need for humanitarians to be able to access all people who are in need. As part of Core Responsibility 2 on respecting the rules of war, the Secretary-General called for all parties to "ensure that counter-terrorism or counter-insurgency measures do not inhibit humanitarian action, and provide for necessary exemptions." (Transformation 2B - Ensure full access to and the protection of humanitarian and medical missions). The A4H also identifies counter-terrorism measures as a blockage to direct investment in local capacity and calls for such blockages to be addressed. (Transformation 5A - Invest in Local Capacities).

These policy changes would have real-world, life-saving implications This article explores how strict anti-terrorism laws are discouraging humanitarian organisations from delivering vital emergency assistance to millions of people facing starvation and fatal diseases in drought-hit Somalia.

Read the full article here (via The Guardian)