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Self-reporting is now open for 2017

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The PACT is now open for all stakeholders to report on their progress in implementing their World Humanitarian Summit commitments or supporting initiatives between 1 January and 31 December 2017. All reports must be submitted through the online reporting portal.

The deadline for submitting reports is 3 April 2018. 

Last year, 142 stakeholders submitted reports describing the efforts they made from June to December 2016 to realize their commitments. This reporting evidence showed that change is underway in a number of key areas, and also identified some gaps where more efforts are needed. The landmark report No Time to Retreat summarizes these collective achievements and makes recommendations for future progress.

This year, the 2017 self-reporting will be a critical way for stakeholders to share achievements, challenges and best practices with each other and with the wider community. As humanitarian needs mount, now is the time to demonstrate that the commitments made at the World Humantiarian Summit are leading to improved outcomes for people as we work together to achieve the Agenda for Humanity.





Photo credit: UNICEF/Minu Limbu