Two types of commitments were gathered before and during the World Humanitarian Summit. Participants were invited to align themselves with 32 core commitments, derived from stakeholder consultations and anchored in the Agenda for Humanity. They were also invited to make additional individual or joint commitments to help achieve the Agenda for Humanity.

Progress Report

Alignment with Core Commitments (11)

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Uphold the Norms that Safeguard Humanity

Uphold the Norms that Safeguard Humanity

  • Commit to promote and enhance respect for international humanitarian law, international human rights law, and refugee law, where applicable.

  • Commit to promote and enhance the protection of civilians and civilian objects, especially in the conduct of hostilities, for instance by working to prevent civilian harm resulting from the use of wide-area explosive weapons in populated areas, and by sparing civilian infrastructure from military use in the conduct of military operations.

  • Commit to ensure all populations in need receive rapid and unimpeded humanitarian assistance.

  • Commit to promote and enhance efforts to respect and protect medical personnel, transports and facilities, as well as humanitarian relief personnel and assets against attacks, threats or other violent acts.

  • Commit to speak out and systematically condemn serious violations of international humanitarian law and serious violations and abuses of international human rights law and to take concrete steps to ensure accountability of perpetrators when these acts amount to crimes under international law.

Change People's Lives: From Delivering Aid to Ending Need

Changing People's Lives - From Delivering Aid to Ending Need

  • Commit to a new way of working that meets people's immediate humanitarian needs, while at the same time reducing risk and vulnerability over multiple years through the achievement of collective outcomes. To achieve this, commit to the following: a) Anticipate, Do Not Wait: to invest in risk analysis and to incentivize early action in order to minimize the impact and frequency of known risks and hazards on people. b) Reinforce, Do Not Replace: to support and invest in local, national and regional leadership, capacity strengthening and response systems, avoiding duplicative international mechanisms wherever possible. c) Preserve and retain emergency capacity: to deliver predictable and flexible urgent and life-saving assistance and protection in accordance with humanitarian principles. d) Transcend Humanitarian-Development Divides: work together, toward collective outcomes that ensure humanitarian needs are met, while at the same time reducing risk and vulnerability over multiple years and based on the comparative advantage of a diverse range of actors. The primacy of humanitarian principles will continue to underpin humanitarian action.

  • Commit to enable coherent financing that avoids fragmentation by supporting collective outcomes over multiple years, supporting those with demonstrated comparative advantage to deliver in context.

Natural Disasters and Climate Change: Managing Risks & Crises Differently

  • Commit to reinforce national and local leadership and capacities in managing disaster and climate-related risks through strengthened preparedness and predictable response and recovery arrangements.

  • Commit to improve the understanding, anticipation and preparedness for disaster and climate-related risks by investing in data, analysis and early warning, and developing evidence-based decision-making processes that result in early action.

  • Commit to increase investment in building community resilience as a critical first line of response, with the full and effective participation of women.

  • Commit to ensure regional and global humanitarian assistance for natural disasters complements national and local efforts.

Joint Commitments (1) * The list of partners included under each joint commitment was provided by the stakeholder.

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  • ACF International will actively pursue within the year ahead the creation of a Special Rapporteur for the protection of aid workers, dedicated to advancing efforts to respect and protect the humanitarian mission against attacks, threats or other violent acts that prevent it from fulfilling its exclusively humanitarian function, and to fight impunity.
  • Advocacy
  • Uphold the Norms that Safeguard Humanity
  • 2B Ensure full access to and protection of the humanitarian and medical missions
Partners: ICVA, CARE International et France, Act Alliance,Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC), Secours Islamique France, Acted, Handicap International, Relief International, Concern Worldwide US, Report the Abuse, Amanudd in Foundation

Individual Commitments (4)

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