ID# 127001

Commitment description

As a member of the International Network on Conflict and Fragility, Belgium commits to implement the Stockholm Declaration commitments to "provide smarter, more effective, and more targeted development support in fragile and conflict affected situations, not least in protracted humanitarian crises" and to "work more closely with development and humanitarian actors and promote increased incorporation of conflict-sensitive and longer-term development approaches and financing into humanitarian operations in protracted crisis situations to achieve collective outcomes, by: (i) Investing in capacity building of local organisations and actors, in particular facilitating their involvement in the planning and implementation of humanitarian programmes, and by using on the job training. As part of this, focusing on strengthening government data collection systems and statistical capacity. (ii) Actively sharing data between humanitarian and development organisations, using that data and knowledge - including knowledge about refugees, internally displaced people and host communities, and the obstacles to return -“ to inform shared risk and context analyses, using these analyses to develop risk-informed programming, and to monitor the achievement of collective and sustainable outcomes. (iii) Providing the right financial incentives - including more multi-annual funding allocations -“ for different actors to work more coherently over multiple years; ensuring that each actor's individual efforts work towards common, context-specific, goals and collective SDG outcomes: overcoming the factors that have led these states and societies to be exposed to fragility and shocks. (iv) Stepping up financial and political investments in the reduction of fragile situations and in the prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts, including through arms control. (v) Securing the participation and involvement of crisis affected people and communities in the planning and implementation of humanitarian and development initiatives, and heeding their voices. Ensuring the voices of grass roots organisations, including women'™s groups, are heard at national level, and strengthening the listening skills of field personnel. (vi) Supporting financial and physical infrastructure to create the enabling environment for viable local economies, including maritime economies. (vii) Empowering field personnel to plan, make decisions, and adapt programming to suit the needs of rapidly evolving environments. (viii) Creating an environment that encourages learning from mistakes as well as the active sharing of information between different actors.

  • Stakeholder Belgium
  • Entity Type Member State
  • Commitment TypeOperational
  • Core Responsibility Change People's Lives: From Delivering Aid to Ending Need
    Invest in Humanity
  • Agenda for Humanity Transformation 4C Deliver collective outcomes: transcend humanitarian-development divides 5C Invest in stability
  • Commitment ID127001