ID# 123029

Commitment description

Austria pledges to continue to promote ratification of and accession to the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention by States. It remains gravely concerned about the continued use of anti-personnel mines and strongly condemns any such use by any actor. It further pledges to uphold its commitment to meet the humanitarian goal of the Convention - a world free from the use and stockpiling of anti-personnel mines - and to put an end to the suffering caused by anti-personnel mines through their complete eradication.

This is a joint commitment with the following entities taking part :

Austria, Belgium, Costa Rica, Canada, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Luxemburg, Germany, Guatemala, Serbia, Slovenia, Thailand, Paraguay, Peru, Sweden, Ukraine and Chile.

  • Stakeholder Austria
  • Entity Type Member State
  • Commitment TypeAdvocacy
  • Core Responsibility Uphold the Norms that Safeguard Humanity
  • Agenda for Humanity Transformation 2E Uphold the rules: a global campaign to affirm the norms that safeguard humanity
  • Commitment ID123029