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AcademiaNorth AmericaPolitical Leadership to Prevent and End Conflicts1B - Act earlySince the WHS, ACUNS has conducted 3 podcast interviews on (1) Displaced Persons Convention, (2) South Sudan peace process, (3) US approaches to Human Rights (http://acuns.org/category/podcasts/current-issues/). In its newsletter, ACUNS published analytical pieces on (1) urban development and conflicts in Ethiopia, (2) human trafficking, (3) the Responsibility to Protect, and (4) counter-terrorism and self-defense. Archived copies are available here: http://acuns.org/category/publications/newsletters/. ACUNS has continued to work with the US studies associations of Japan, China and South Korea, including on the theme of regional contributions to UN peacekeeping operations, and on regional con´Čéict resolution. Identifying, contacting, and connecting with good potential podcast interviewees and article authors is an ongoing challenge, but ACUNS has had reasonable success. Engaging with Missions in NYC is a challenge, while Missions in Vienna have been very receptive. ACUNS now has good relations also with the DG at UNOG.Continue to reach out to Missions in NYC; build on strong relations with Missions and with UNOV in Vienna; increase presence and profile in Geneva, and seek accreditation with UN in Nairobi. ACUNS 2017 Annual Meeting will be held in Seoul, Korea, deepening its engagement in the country and region.Support the new SG's emphasis that prevention is critical.Gender, UrbanPlatform on Disaster Displacement, The Global Alliance for Humanitarian Innovation
AcademiaNorth AmericaUphold the Norms that Safeguard Humanity2C - Speak out on violationsWorking with the Mission of the Holy See to the UN in NY, to have an article on the Holy See's efforts to curb human trafficking.Increased displacement due to conflict, and emergence of populist backlash in several Western European societies has meant that the problems of assisting refugees and vulnerable groups often are not being addressed. ACUNS has conferences in Vienna (January 2017) and Seoul (June 2017), at which these issues and related matters will be discussed with scholars, government representatives, and NGOs from those regions. ACUNS needs to continue to promote both awareness of, and empathy for, the dangers facing displaced persons.
AcademiaNorth AmericaUphold the Norms that Safeguard Humanity2D - Take concrete steps to improve compliance and accountabilityACUNS recently published the sixth volume of "Femicide: Violence Against Girls in Flight" http://acuns.org/femicide-volume-vi-violence-against-girls-in-flight/While governments acknowledge femicide as a problem, moving from recognition to policy, and from policy to implementation, can be slow and sometimes faces vested interests or social practices that are difficult to change. At the conference in Vienna (January 2017) these issues and related matters will be discussed with scholars, government representatives, and NGO officers from those regions. The Vienna liaison office is considering opportunities for researching and producing a new volume of the femicide publication. Look for small steps as well as major advances that can be accomplished.
AcademiaNorth AmericaUphold the Norms that Safeguard Humanity2E - Uphold the rules: a global campaign to affirm the norms that safeguard humanityACUNS' Executive Director attended and participated in the World Humanitarian Summit, while its office acted as a digital advocate for the Summit. ACUNS' efforts as a digital advocate led to a notable spike in its followers and "tweet impressions" on twitter (in one month its "tweet impressions" increased from 4,000 to over 45,000). ACUNS is continually seeking good quality, substantive and critical analyses of current humanitarian problems and needs. Its challenge then is to connect these analyses to policy practitioners and to have the latter accept these contributions as useful for their policy formulation. There always is a tendency for practitioners to see scholarly analysis as less useful for their practical needs. ACUNS has a number of special events planned for New York and Geneva which will bring together small groups of researchers and practitioners (government representatives and UN officers) which it hopes will help to continue to build better dialogue, familiarity and trust between the engaged academic and practitioner communities. It is important to have clear, consistent, and credible leadership from the United Nations in combination with leading member states.